Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Windowsill Garden

Hello lovelies!

One thing I was worried about when moving to our city apartment was losing my garden. I've always had some kind of yard wherever I have rented and I love having pots of herbs and flowers.

Happy Geraniums

Luckily this old building has wide windowsills and I've put together a few plants that like small pots (by raiding my Mum's garden for off cuts).

I have quite a few geraniums and they have lots of flowers which is awesome. I've got mint going too, although it's struggling a bit. Does anyone have any mint growing tips for me? It's necessary to feed my cocktail addiction so quite important..

Coffee Cup Succulent

And of course succulents are almost too easy to grow in pots. I have some in old china cups and jugs and a lovely friend of mine put some in little colourful ramekins for me too. They look fantastic in the kitchen!

Ramekin Garden!

So tell me, do you have a windowsill garden? If so, what plants have worked for you? I need tips!

Much love,
Adelaide Hare

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